Ashlar-Vellum leads the way with uniquely intuitive and easy-to-use CAD and 3D modeling software for both Macintosh and Windows. All Ashlar-Vellum products feature Organic Workflow, the non-linear creative process that maximizes productivity for creating outstanding products through easy design iteration and transparent tools.

The primary difference between Ashlar-Vellum’s product and other solutions available on the market is not the depth of Cobalt’s features, but the availability of all the features in a holistic, transparent way that enables the user to create concepts in an intuitive, unobstructed manner.

Frost & Sullivan, Best Practices Research Product Differentiation Excellence Award

Ashlar-Vellum products include products for:

CAD and 3D Modeling

Graphite™ for 2D/3D Drafting
Cobalt™ for Parametric 3D Modeling
Xenon™ for Associative 3D Modeling
Argon™ for History-free 3D Modeling
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3D Motion Simulation

Kinetics for Intuitive 3D Motion Simulation

AlphaCorr 3D Packaging & Display Design

Rules™ for Powerful Packaging and Point-of-Purchase Design
SteelRules™ for Packaging Design with Steel Rule Die Making
Folding Genius™ for 3D Packaging Visualization
Dieline Genius™ for Easily Customizable Packaging Design in Options:
 • Online
 • Desktop
 • Plug-in

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By simplifying the technical aspects of the design process, Ashlar-Vellum software lets you focus on your design — giving you a competitive advantage and increased profitability.

But don’t take our word for it, see who’s using Ashlar-Vellum software to design some of the most innovative products on the market. Download a free trial today and see first hand why Ashlar-Vellum beats any design software package for user satisfaction and productivity — period.